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We are making the best sensors ever

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Our Mission

We Support Customers To Make A Better Product.

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Our Story

Although Korea is a semiconductor manufacturing powerhouse, the MEMS industry is relatively underdeveloped.

Several companies tried to grow the MEMS industry, but each time they faced failure.
Under these harsh circumstances, our journey began with the establishment of Shinsung CNT's research center in 2014.

After undergoing trial and error while conducting several MEMS projects in the laboratory, we have secured a mass-produced MEMS microphone device and accelerometer technology.

Based on these achievements, in June 2020, we have decided to spin off into Shinsung Sound Motion. Based on our original design and process technology, we aim to lead new innovations in the MEMS sensor field.


Shinsung SoundMotion Co.. Ltd.

 712(7F), 823, Dongtansunhwan-daero

, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do,

Republic of Korea

TEL : +82-31-8043-5031

FAX : +82-31373-5990


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